Pittsboro Deck Decking Construction


Here at Sierra Structures, our Pittsboro deck construction company will provide you with a fast, free estimate for your deck project. We have several deck plans and deck designs for any Pittsboro deck installation plan.

Each deck design has several sizes you can pick from depending on your budget. We will ensure your deck complies with your homeowner’s association guidelines and will help you through the submission and approval process.

Our intention for every Pittsboro deck installation job is to build a deck to your satisfaction within the shortest time possible.

Explore the deck styles our Pittsboro decking company offers

Before we begin deck installation in Pittsboro NC, we often present our clients with different deck styles that could act as inspiration for their own decks. Our Pittsboro deck construction plans often feature deck styles like:

  • Platform deck: Such decks are very close to the ground, meaning that the material used to build it must be appropriately protected from the elements.
  • Raised decks: These types of decks are raised above the ground and need railings and stairs for safety and easy access. The deck railings our decking company in Pittsboro NC offers are custom built to the needs and requirements of your project.
  • Multi-level decks: These are a series of decks that are connected to each other by walkways or stairways. This kind of deck construction in Pittsboro NC is usually done for sloped lots.
  • Free-standing deck: These are decks that are not attached to the house. People usually opt for these decks when they cannot install a ledger board because of the way their house was constructed.

Sierra Structures will work hand-in-hand with you to build the deck of your dreams and ensure that it passes all your local building codes and requirements. We are a Pittsboro deck construction company with 30 years of experience dealing with different types of construction jobs. Contact us today at (919) 471-3500.