10 creative ideas for customizing your deck or porch

Posted June 21, 2023 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

Have you ever looked at your deck or porch and thought it was time for a change? Or have you wanted to customize it to match your style? If that’s the case, Sierra Structures has some ideas for you!

9 creative ideas we love to share with our customers to customize your deck or porch are:

1. Restain it: Forget a fresh coat of paint. Instead, look at restaining your deck with a different shade. If your last stain was a lighter tone, go for a darker one this time—or vice versa. Plus, staining will add more lifetime to the wood.

2. Change the colors of your furniture: If your outdoor furniture is looking dull or faded, add some flair with colorful new items. You can even try painting older metal chairs and tables. Either way, new colors to your furniture will make a difference.

3. Add a stacking planter: Wall planters are very popular, and you can never have enough greenery.

4. Get creative with the lighting: Instead of just adding a ceiling light or rope lighting, try adding solar-powered LED lighting around the steps or railings.

5. Add fabrics: Use new fabrics such as shade, tablecloths, furniture covers, etc. Try different designs with colors that match your furniture.

6. Add a drink bar: Whether it’s just for iced tea or something a little stronger, setting up an outside bar with a mini-fridge, cups, ice bowls, etc. will get your summer started off right.

7. Add a fireplace: Fires are a great gathering area for people. They never fail.

8. Put down an area rug: There are some very decorative outdoor rugs on the market these days. Be sure to check them out.

9. Consider tile: It might sound crazy, but a new trend that’s beginning to happen for patio decks is tile flooring. For more ideas, or to get a quote on a new deck or porch for your house, contact us at Sierra Structures today! https://st3.depositphotos.com/8687452/15760/i/450/depositphotos_157600602-stock-photo-empty-wood-chair.jpg

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