3 Ways to Gain Inspiration for Decorating Your Back Deck or Screened-in Porch

Posted February 10, 2022 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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So, you just had your new back deck or screened-in porch built by us at Sierra Structures. Congratulations! We hope you enjoy it! Yet, you’re looking for inspiring ways to decorate it and don’t know where to look. Well, the good news is that we have some ideas for you. In fact, we can think of three of them right off the bat:

1. Decide on its number one purpose.

What is the main reason you decided to add on your deck or patio? Is it for entertaining guests? Is it to be an extra family room, dining room, or play room? Whatever the reason is, design your decorations around that. For entertaining, consider accessorizing your patio with the necessities—a bar, sink, stools, outdoor television, grill, or even a brick pizza oven.

If it will be an extra family room, look for comfortable patio furniture that the family can gather around on with a centerpiece facing an entertainment center. For dining, look for elegant outdoor tables and chairs.

2. How will you light it?

The type of lighting fixtures may seem like a mindless decision but not for decorative purposes. Are you considering having an overhead ceiling light and fan combo? If not, can we suggest some good string lighting—LED even—that you can run around the roof in a pattern or other method? For an uncovered deck, torch lighting is a great idea for ambience. Whatever the purpose is, put thought into lighting fixtures. It goes a long way.

3. Go Green!!!

The best way to breathe life into any patio or deck is with plants. Use potted plants, hanging planters, or vines. One popular new trend is vertical or multi-level planters. These are walls or shelves that hold multiple potted plants stacked in a row. Homeowners can grow mini gardens this way full of flowers, herbs, etc. They not only add color to your deck, but they improve the quality of the air.

Whatever motivates you is what inspires you. So, decide what the goals for your new patio or deck are, and then, watch the ideas come to life. To get a quote on a new deck or patio for your home, contact us at Sierra Structures. We will inspire your next decoration.

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