Battle of the Fences: Wood vs. Vinyl vs. Aluminum

Posted August 4, 2021 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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With so many types of fences and different materials to choose from, deciding on which option is the best choice is hard for many homeowners. Many times, this depends on the size of the yard, the desired maintenance requirements, and the buyer’s budget. Sierra Structures breaks down three of the most popular fence materials - wood, vinyl, and aluminum - to provide some assistance in the fence installation process.

Here’s the breakdown:

Wood: Wood fences are a loved classic - especially picket fences! These fences are very popular because of the rustic charm they bring to any home. This choice is also affordable and is a great option for small backyards. The downside is that wood fences are susceptible to rotting due to moisture; therefore, these fences require more maintenance like repainting than some more expensive options.

Vinyl: Vinyl fencing is the perfect alternative for wood fencing as it is low maintenance yet can resemble qualities of traditional wood. This material is much easier to clean and can lead to a higher investment value over time. There is also a wide variety of color options to fit the style of any backyard. One downside is that it is harder to change the style of the fencing since owners cannot just repaint the fence to a new color like a wooden one.

Aluminum: Another almost maintenance-free, popular choice, aluminum, is an inexpensive option that is easy to install. Aluminum fencing is very versatile and can fit a wide range of backyards - from small to big and from flat to sloped. Homeowners can also choose from many different styles and create custom posts for even more customization. Aluminum fencing is a cheaper alternative for steel or wrought iron fences. One disadvantage of aluminum is that it often offers less privacy than wood or vinyl.

So, which is the best material option for fencing? It depends on your personal preferences! To discuss further options, contact us today to see which is the best choice for your yard.

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