Beginner Plants for Your Home

Posted April 18, 2023 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Not all of us have a green thumb. Many people struggle with ideas about what sorts of plants they should use to spruce up their homes—whether it be in front for curb appeal, around the side of the house, or even what to hang from a patio deck. If you’re one of those people wondering what beginner plants you should get to spruce up your home, let Sierra Structures help you out. 

The best beginner plans to spruce up your home are:  

1. Let’s start at the front:

People add plants in front of their houses as a way to hide unseemly areas and add instant appeal. If that’s your goal, the type of plants you look for should be shorter varieties (don’t block windows or cause future issues for gutters, etc.). In our area, they should also be evergreens that look good year-round. We recommend boxwood shrubs. These are easy to maintain, trim, and do well in almost all levels of sunlight. Boxwood is the classic shrub you find in front of almost every new house for this reason. 

2. Around the House: 

Around the house, you want to add more decorative plants that provide color while not being high maintenance. We recommend planting seasonal ones such as dogwoods or azaleas. Both are perfect for the climate in our area. Each one flowers in the spring. 

3. Hanging:

As for hanging flowers, mums are always easy to maintain. So are ferns and fuchsias. Each one requires the least amount of maintenance—aside from getting the right amount of sun and water. 

The idea behind beginner plants is to get ones that are durable and will not require a lot of your time. As you grow more interested in gardening and landscaping, you can branch out into more exotic and different styles of plants. But the three suggestions listed above will give you a great starting point to build on from. 

For more tips on the right beginner plants or to get a quote on your next patio or deck, contact us at Sierra Structures today. 

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