Best Fence Height for a Residential Property

Posted February 15, 2023 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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One question we often get asked at Sierra Structures is what is the best height for a fence? Residential owners love to ask us that one. As for the answer, we always start with, “That depends.”

What we mean by that is, what is your intention for your fence? Why are you asking us to build it

2 reasons for getting a fence that we use to recommend what height a customer needs for their fence are:

1. Privacy: If your answer is privacy, then our recommendation is six feet high. Because for most nosy neighbors, a six-foot high fence is very hard to look over into your property. In fact, most of our privacy fences start at that range.

2. Security: What about security? For security purposes, we might suggest a little taller—such as eight feet high. This includes if you have a pool in your backyard and want to keep not only intruders but animals out. Keep in mind that if you live in a city or an HOA community, there may be zoning limits or covenants that govern fence restrictions as far as minimum and maximum heights.

When it comes to privacy or security fences, the right materials matter just as much as the height. A solid wood or vinyl fence provides more security than a chain-link or iron fence. As an added bonus, a solid vinyl fence is better for homeowners who want to reduce the noise coming into their yards.

If your only reason for a fence is to keep your dog safely inside your backyard, a six-foot fence might not be necessary—unless it’s a big dog that can leap higher. For most breeds, a four-foot high fence is adequate for keeping those fur babies from escaping.

For more tips, or to get a quote on your next fence, contact us at Sierra Structures today.

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