Commercial Fencing: What Do We Offer?

Posted October 24, 2021 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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At Sierra Structures, we are proud of all the products we offer. We customize and build decks, patios, fencing, etc., for homes and commercial usage. This blog post is dedicated to the different types of custom-built commercial fencing we can fabricate and install at your commercial location.

To begin, to see a few examples of our finished fencing products, click here.

There are several different types of fencing we sell and install. Depending on your business needs, we can customize and tailor it to your exact specifications. This includes exterior fencing such as ornamental (which can be made from many different materials including steel or aluminum), security fences, gate access fences, and ones surrounding trash and dumpster areas to keep out humans and pests.

For your indoor commercial needs, we can build or customize security fences to limit access to restricted areas, secure warehouses, and other storage sites, and protect vital equipment such as computer servers, electrical boxes, HVAC, vaults, and other valuables.

Other commercial purposes needing fencing include athletic or entertainment complexes. We often build fencing to protect swimming pools, tennis courts, ball fields, hiking paths, club houses, golf courses, and outdoor pavilions.

If you have a public storage facility and need new fencing with remote gate access, we can help you as well. Our secure and aesthetically pleasing fencing is both functional and appealing.

For more information on our commercial fencing options and to get a free quote, contact us at Sierra Structures. We are a locally owned and have provided custom fencing in the Triangle for 30 years.

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