Crafting Your Home's Outside Space - 3 Key Things To Consider

Posted December 3, 2018 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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The outside space of a home can be just as important as the inside. As you know the first thing noticed when pulling up to a home is the outside space, colors, landscape and lawn. So, how can any homeowner decide how to make the most out of this space? 

Our team at Sierra Structures works with homeowners across Raleigh to make sure their outside space works the best for their lifestyle and family. For some homeowners, it is adding fencing, a deck or screen porch or possibly a sunroom.

3 key considerations to think through to determine what to add to an outside space to make the most of it are: 

1.    Pets: If you have pets, such as dogs and cats, that need to stay near the house, it’s a great idea to start by adding a fence. Fencing can keep pets in but also keep other animals out, so pets are safe when they are unattended. A fence can keep others from gaining access to your pets if they are in the yard

2.    Children: If you have children or are planning children it is certainly a good idea to fence a section of your yard to allow play areas that are protected from strangers and animals.  

3.    Home Structure: If you entertain and you need to extend your space a deck, screen porch or a sun room would provide space for relaxation or entertaining. As you know there are mild days during the winter months and generally there are days that these can be used even during the colder months.

There are a handful of other factors that could impact how to craft your outside space. If you want a personal review and personalized suggest for your Raleigh home, then contact our team today to request a quote. We will sit down with you and give a few ideas to make your outdoor space great!

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