Why Fences are a Great Summertime Addition

Posted June 19, 2020 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Fences are a great addition to any homeowner’s yard. They demarcate the property line, which is helpful to those that want to build a front yard or backyard summer oasis. Besides providing a visual of the property line, fences serve a variety of purposes for homeowners. Sierra Structures, a professional North Carolina contractor, has put together a list of reasons why homeowners install fences during the summer.

3 reasons why fences are a great summertime addition:

  1. Provides privacy: With residential properties being closer to one another, many homeowners install a fence to provide privacy. When living in a neighborhood with a HOA, before installing a fence, homeowners may want to check the covenants for the approval process as well as the allowed fencing styles. Homeowners will enjoy their yard during the summer without the watchful eyes of neighbors and strangers.
  2. Keep kids & pets safe: Kids love to play safely in the yard during the summer. Fences can help keep kids' sports equipment within the barrier too. Being able to let the dog out without a leash every time is very convenient with a fenced in backyard. Also, fences help give dogs an area to run and play with the kiddos.
  3. Add gardens easily: Many homeowners put in trees, bushes, flowers, and vegetable gardens. Fences can help provide a sight line for homeowners to plan out their gardens and foliage to make sure they are within the confines of their property. Before digging, call the experts to spray paint where lines, cables, and pipes may be located.

There are many more reasons why homeowners install fencing. To get started on your summertime fence project, contact the professionals at Sierra Structures. We have provided our commercial and residential fence installation services to North Carolina homeowners and businesses for over 20 years

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