How Our Process of Installing a Fence Works

Posted November 19, 2022 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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You decided to get a new fence… congratulations! This is a very exciting home project that adds value to your home but also makes your life much easier.  

Maybe you got a new puppy and they need somewhere safe to run around. Or maybe you installed a pool and need protection around it. No matter why you choose to add a fence, it will be a great thing for your home. But what do you expect next?  

3 things to expect once you decide to install a fence in Durham are:  

Contact Us: The first step is to reach out to Sierra Structures in Durham. Once you reach out, we will pair you with one of our fencing specialists that can best meet your needs.  

Estimate: The next step is the estimate process. We will come out, evaluate your home, and then get you an estimate of the cost. 

Approval and Timeline: Once we receive your approval on the project, we will set up a timeline which typically includes a little wiggle room for delay of supplies and shortages.   

From this point on, we will follow the timeline and complete your fence. It is important to know that many of our customers are facing delays due to the materials they choose. Does that mean you choose a different product? No. It just means we work hard and as wisely with our time as possible.  

If you are ready to start your fencing project, reach out to Sierra Structures in Durham today to get started! 

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