How to Figure Out What Fence is Best For Your Home

Posted June 27, 2022 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Have you decided that you want a fence on your property? If so, that's great but what type of fence? This is where it can get tricky because there are a lot of different options and factors to consider when choosing what fence best suits your property.

3 factors to consider when choosing a fence are:

1. Privacy

Some fences provide more privacy than others, a fence that provides the most privacy is a wooden fence. A wooden fence doesn’t allow you to see through it like an aluminum, cable, and glass fence does. If privacy is one of your top concerns then there are definitely some fence options you have to consider that will give you the most privacy.

2. Maintenance

Some fences require more upkeep than others and this an important fact to consider when deciding what fence is best for you. Wood fences require the most upkeep because weather factors cause the wood to chip, and the appearance can fade. Therefore, you have to pay for it to get restrained which can be costly. For the least amount of maintenance, vinyl fences are a good choice to consider.

3. Neighborhood Regulation

Do you have a homeowners association? Or you could possibly be living in a historic district or a new and upcoming development? There are specific rules and regulations you have to consider when building a fence like location and size. You have to contact your local zoning department and they will survey the land for you. Also, you might have something under your land that can pose a danger, that's why it's essential to follow these regulations.

Sierra Structures will handle the HOA and make sure your fence is being built according to the regulations. Also, they will help you decide what fence is best for you and your property, contact us today:

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