Kid-Approved Home Additions

Posted June 30, 2020 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Seeing kids geek out about home construction is the best! They can see each stage from start to finish and learn from their parents what is happening to their home. The added bonus is when Sierra Structures’ contractors inspire kids to pursue a career in construction, architecture, or urban planning.

Here are 3 kid-approved home additions for any home:

  1. Screened-in porch: Kids especially dislike mosquito bites, but they love to play. By installing a screened-in porch to the home, kids can play in a designated area while parents keep an eye on them. Light rain or shine, kids will enjoy the feeling of having a clubhouse without it being in a tree. Also, water-resistant or waterproof outdoor furniture is easy to clean and wipe off.
  2. Back deck: A spacious back deck can provide an area for a dining set. Kids love the idea of eating outside for a change. Having a board game night or doing homework outside can also be a fun escape from the indoors. With bench seating with storage, kids can pick up the sports equipment needed to play in the yard without having to go to the garage first.
  3. Privacy fence: This type of fencing has zero gaps between pickets and can be built to the tallest allowed by the HOA or neighbors. Kids can kick soccer balls into the goal and do not have to worry about it going into the neighbor's yard (at least, not every time). With gates, kids and parents have easy access to garages and sheds to grab the equipment that they need. Also, kids enjoy playing with their dogs, and fences provide the enclosed space needed.

For a screened-in porch, back deck, or privacy fencing installation, contact Sierra Structures. We can create, submit, and enact plans that fit a homeowner’s vision. Homeowners in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, and Apex will enjoy the kid-approved home addition that fits their family’s needs.

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