Why is a Multi-Level Back Deck a Great Addition?

Posted August 21, 2020 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Having a functional outdoor space that fits well with the home is very important. Back decks tend to act as an extension of the indoor living space and therefore, are a great addition to any house. However, there are many different types of decks. The multi-level back deck is a great option for many individuals as it can transform a family’s outdoor living space by introducing new layers that provide endless possibilities.

Reasons a multi-level back deck is a great addition to any home:

  1. It allows for more versatility:  With the many layers of a multi-level back deck, individuals are able to customize it to their preferences. For instance, some may choose to decorate levels with garden areas, or a seating space, where others may choose to have a fire pit or grill section. This multi-level feature of the deck adds more personalization and versatility to any outdoor space.
  2. It fits well with any backyard space: For homeowners with smaller backyards, multi-level back decks are great options. Since they build upward, they allow for more deck space without taking up too much of the backyard. A multi-level back deck is also suitable for individuals with yards that have a steep slope since the deck is able to fit the landscape and maximize the space available.
  3. It can boost a home's curb appeal: Multi-level back decks offer a lot more design options than traditional decks. With this added customization, it can modernize a backyard and add more architectural interest to any home.


Overall, a multi-level back deck is an excellent choice when trying to maximize any outdoor living space. When thinking about adding a home addition in the Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary and Apex areas, consider the professionals at Sierra Structures. We provide homeowners a free estimate, project timeline and a beautiful finished product. Contact us to get started on designing your dream outdoor, entertainment space.

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