Our Three Favorite Relaxing Things to do in a Screened-In Porch

Posted March 21, 2020 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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One of our favorite type of projects to build are screened-in porches. They have such a big impact on the life of the home owners, and we love to see that type of transformation to a home. While they look great, we can’t forget the best part: their function!

Here are our three favorite relaxing uses for screened-in porches:

  1. Tech-free time: While a lot of people put TVs or take their laptops out on their porches, we like to get away from technology on our porches. Whether it’s to enjoy the fresh air, curl up with a book or catch up with a friend, leaving technology inside and enjoying some unplugged time on the porch is one of our favorite ways to relax.
  2. Naptime: Naps aren’t for babies. If it were up to us, they’d be a daily thing for everyone. Screened-in porches are the best for naps. You’re outside in the fresh air, but are still protected from the elements. Whether on a hammock or a cushy sofa, a nap in a screened-in porch is hard to beat.
  3. Date nights: Sometimes we try to make date nights too much of a thing. By the time we hire a babysitter, get dinner ready for the kids, dress up, drive to wherever we’re going and find parking, we’re too exhausted to relax and enjoy the date. Sometimes we just need a nice date night in, except it’s kind of still out. Get the kids to bed (or even better - send them off to a friend’s house), light some candles, grab some wine, some snacks, and meet outside for some relaxing quality time.

Don’t these all sound like an amazing way to spend your time? This is why we love building screened-in porches. We love giving families in the Raleigh and Durham areas that extra space to enjoy life. Contact Sierra Structures to get your porch project started!

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