Our Top Four Tips for Maintaining a Deck

Posted October 26, 2020 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Those of us lucky to have decks in our yards have certainly gotten good use out of them, especially this year since we’ve been home so much. Now that it’s peak deck season here in Durham, a lot of decks are looking like they need a little TLC. As experienced deck builders, we’re often asked how to keep them in shape.

Here are four of our top tips for maintaining a deck:

  1. Prevention is key: Seal the deck as soon as possible to protect the wood. The color is up to the homeowner - that’s more for aesthetics - but proper conditioning and sealing will protect the investment.
  2. Safeguard tricky spots: Look at where the deck gets the most wear and tear and think about what can be done to protect it. A simple doormat can keep pet scratches at bay, or switching out the type of flower pot used can decrease water damage.
  3. Clean regularly: Sweep a deck regularly to keep leaves and debris off. Think about hosing it off and scrubbing it seasonally to remove dirt. Pressure washing a deck each year will get out all that dirt that sinks into grooves, making everything cleaner and preventing more damage to the deck.
  4. Make small repairs quickly: If you notice something that needs repair, do them quickly. A loose board isn’t a huge issue, but it might loosen other boards or a railing and can lead to an unsafe deck, not to mention an unsightly one.

Deck maintenance should be like any other type of home maintenance. Just because it is outside doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be regular maintenance on a home’s deck. It might need more upkeep than an indoor space, considering decks are subjected to the elements. If you think your deck is too far gone, contact Sierra Structures to start the repair process.



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