Sierra Structures—Benefits of Adding a Gate to Your Home

Posted June 1, 2022 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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While many homeowners often choose to add a fence around their property, they still end up on the fence regarding whether to add a gate to their home.

At Sierra Structures, we believe there are several benefits to adding a gate!

The top 5 benefits of adding a gate to a Raleigh home’s fence are:

  1. Privacy. One of the reasons you might decide to have a fence around your home is for privacy purposes, so it stands to reason having a gate will increase it. Keeping nosy people from entering your property is a strong benefit.
  2. Security. The same logic that goes with privacy certainly applies here. A gate when combined with a fence gives added security to your property by preventing unwelcomed people and animals from entering your home while at the same time keeping pets and young kids from being able to leave. That provides homeowners with an extra peace of mind.
  3. Appearance. Gates can also add to a property’s appearance when they are designed to match the theme and architecture of the home. This higher curb appeal can also increase your home’s value.
  4. Reduce insurance premiums. By increasing your home’s security and reducing risks, you can reduce your liability claims and property damage. As a result, your insurance premiums could possibly be lower than others.
  5. Convenience. Most gates are motorized, so this means you can open and close them with a remote just like your garage door or with a key pad. When guests do arrive, you can safely let them in from inside the home.

As you can see, having a gate definitely has its perks for many different reasons. For more tips, or to get a free quote on adding a gate to your property, contact us a Sierra Structures.

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