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Posted September 9, 2022 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Fall has come around again. As the temperatures start to cool down, many families will look at spending more time out on their patio decks enjoying the mild weather that we get this time of year. If you are one of those folks, and are wondering what is the best furniture to have for your deck, Sierra Solutions has some ideas for you. 

What you want is something that will hold up to the elements while resisting fading. For that reason, the most popular choice for patio deck furniture is cast aluminum. It has natural durability and is rust-resistant. Cast aluminum is also very light, so it is easy to move around. It does not require much maintenance, but if you do find exposed scratches, be sure to treat them to avoid buildup or further damage. 

Cedar is also a great choice. Natural cedar is resistant to insects and rot. Of course, real wood will always look better than plastic or other imitations. The other beautiful thing about cedar is that you can choose to leave it natural, stain it, or paint it. As for care, remember that cedar is porous, so during times of rain or other weather, keep it covered as much as possible. 

The next option is teak wood. Teakwood could be the most low-maintenance furniture you can find. It is naturally weather resistant and is available in several different natural colors. Simple cleaning on a weekly basis prevents almost any type of damage. 

Wrought iron furniture is traditionally the most expensive of all patio deck furniture. However, what you pay for in the short-term tends to get paid back in the long term as it is the most durable. Wrought iron is styled differently than the other materials and is considered an upscaled option. As for care, you should periodically clean it with soap and water while inspecting for scratches or chips that would eventually lead to rust. 

If reading this has you desiring a new patio deck, contact us at Sierra Structures. With decades of experience building decks in the Triangle, you can count on us to make sure the job will be done right. 

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