Sierra Structures—Five Signs It’s Time For a New Fence 

Posted September 21, 2022 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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If you have had a fence for several years, you likely know by now that maintenance and upkeep are a necessity. But, what happens when that is not enough, and the time comes to replace it? What are the indicators homeowners should look for?

Sierra Structures is here with five signs that it’s time for a new fence. 

Multiple Holes in the Wood. Sure, one or two boards with holes in them can be easily replaced, but when it becomes a larger problem that indicates severe damage. It likely means even more boards will fail soon. 

Fence is Leaning.  Leaning fences are caused by several factors such as shifting soil or the post expanding and contracting from season changes. It can also be a case of the posts rotting at the bottom. If the fence is leaning in more than one spot, that’s a good indication it needs to be replaced. 

Rust on Metal. If you have a metal fence, and it shows rust (especially at the joints), you are likely no longer able to repair it. If the rust gets out of hand, the fence can basically fall apart on you. 

Loose or Missing Fasteners. Some screws and nails are bound to fall out eventually. But, over time, the wood may not be able to withstand new ones. This means the structure becomes compromised and the wood will deteriorate. 

Repairing It is Too Costly. When repairs pile up, at some point it just makes financial sense to replace a fence instead of sinking more money into annual repairs. A wooden fence should likely be replaced every ten years. If your fence is at that point, weigh your options. 

If you are weighing the options of replacing your fence, contact us at Sierra Structures for a free estimate. As your local fencing contractor, we are committed to providing the best work at the best price.  


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