Sierra Structures—Wood Fence Maintenance Tips and Advice 

Posted July 12, 2022 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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So, you just had Sierra Structures install a new wooden fence. Thanks!!! Or maybe you had us install one a few years ago. Thanks, also!!! Or, even if you didn’t, but you came here looking for advice and tips on how to maintain it, we understand. So, here’s what we believe you should do. 

6 Tips on Maintaining a Fence: 

Inspect it at least twice a year: This means walking around your entire fence on both sides and inspecting it for signs of damage or rot. Look for loose nails or screws, broken boards, mold, chipped paint, etc. If you can easily fix it, do it right away to prevent further damage. 

Make sure the area around the fence has proper drainage: Water should not pool or be standing—especially around the posts. Water damages wood in many ways. 

Clean every 2-4 years: Make sure you remove all dirt, moss, mildew, water stains, etc. After that, apply a new coat of paint or water-repellent stain. Doing this will prolong the lifetime of your fence dramatically. 

Avoid vegetation: Some people love to see vines or have trees hanging just above the fence. They think it adds beauty. But, while they might look appealing, they are not worth the potential damage from moisture and insects. 

Don’t grill close by: Everyone loves the smell of fresh steak, chicken, pork, or vegetables on the grill. Just be sure the grill is not close to the fence. Grease and smoke can cause damage to wood. 

Keep your gates locks and hinges lubricated: Rust can build up, and you want to prevent that. Plus, a well-lubricated gate allows easy access and for it to close better. 

For more tips, or to get a quote on your next fence, contact the experts at Sierra Structures. We are your locally-owned fencing contractors. 

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