Things to Consider When Building a Fence

Posted August 29, 2017 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Fences can add beauty to a home as well as solve practical problems. Some fence styles add character to a home and enhance the appearance. They can add privacy to certain parts of a home as well as keep pets and children from wandering in the neighborhood. Here are the things to consider when purchasing a fence.

What am I trying to accomplish?
Style: Privacy or Semi-Privacy

Privacy: Fences can add total privacy to a space by using wood or vinyl. These pickets can be placed together so that it is not possible to look through the fence. Chain link with slats can also add privacy.

Semi-Privacy: All styles of fence, wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel or chain link can add definition to your space but not add total privacy.

Cost and Quality:
Generally, there is a price difference in the type of material selected. Chain link is generally the least expensive material followed by wood, aluminum, steel with vinyl being the most expensive. There are exceptions to this order and much is dependent on the quality of the materials. For us this is generally the order. Be aware that just as with all goods there is different quality in all of these materials.

Differences of Fence Companies:
Just as with materials companies vary in their performance when installing fence. These are the areas that are critical: Length of time in business, Customer Comments, Quality and Financial Strength of the company.

Check the BBB and the Secretary of State to see how long your company has been in business. Short time can equal a larger risk but there are many new companies.

Check Reviews such as Guild Quality, Angies List, Google, Yelp and BBB to see what others say about each of the companies you are considering. From here you should be able to get customer service and quality information. Please know that almost every company has things that go wrong. The key here is how they get resolved and closed based on the customer’s perception.

All companies need liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Don’t be afraid to ask this question.

Other Things to Consider:
Do You Need a Permit?
Permits are required by some towns, counties and cities. Others do not require them. Some only require them for certain styles of fence. Ask about this when your fence company is measuring the area. 

Make Sure You Mark Utilities!!!!!
Locating your underground utilities is crucial before fence installation can begin. Utilities such as electricity, gas, water, and cable can be located for free using NC811. In some cases, the utilities are located by the company, not by the customer. Marking these lines protects the installer as well as ensuring there are no problems with these services in the home.

Know Your Property Boundaries.
Knowing where your property begins and ends is also a vital part of installing a fence. Having a survey done can show you where your property lines are. Corner pins are the best ways to make the corners. We recommend staying at least 6” inside the property line. 

Know the Rules:
There are special rules and requirements for pool fences. If you are installing a fence for a special purpose, know the rules associated with the purpose.


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