Three Home Additions That Will Improve Your Mood

Posted November 18, 2019 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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There is no questioning the fact that natural light helps spaces to appear more open and can lift a person’s mood. Exposure to sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D in the body, which helps regulate mood and ward off depression. When searching for the perfect home or deciding on the best addition to add to your current home, keep these in mind. 


Here are three home additions that will improve your mood:

  1. Fences: Residential fences not only increase the value of a home but have many other benefits. Having a private place to relax and entertain while enjoying time outside is important for homeowners. A tall, well-constructed fence can provide privacy and act as a buffer to noise that can become a disturbance. Not to mention, having a fence provides a safe area for children and pets to play in the yard. 
  2. Decks and Screened Porches: Decks and Porches can be open, covered and/or enclosed. They are great for entertaining, spending quality time and especially for quiet time. Open porches are enjoyable for spending time outdoors. Screened porches have even more benefits such as: protection from the sun, weather, and bugs. 
  3. Arbors and pergolas: Arbors and pergolas are great for protecting us from the effects of direct sun. The homeowner can adjust the amount of shading it provides when deciding on the size, space and location of the rafters. These visibly appealing structures also serve as a shield from wind and rain, and support climbing plants. 

Home is meant to be a place of comfort, where loved ones make memories and feel a sense of security.  The three options mentioned are not only great for the production of Vitamin D, but also are great for the value of the home!  Sierra Structures is a well-known local company that specializes in home additions and offers free estimates!

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