The Top 5 Reasons Raleigh Homeowners Install Fences

Posted July 8, 2019 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Many people assume that the primary reason homeowners in Raleigh install fences is because they have a pet, however there are so many more reasons why homeowners are adding fences to their properties. Because of this common misconception, we at Sierra Structures want to share some of the main reasons that our customers are purchasing fences. 

The top 4 reasons Raleigh homeowners are installing fences are: 

  1. Family Safety: We have a lot of parents who want fences installed around their property in order to allow their kids to play with no concern about getting too close to cars or having strangers coming onto their property. 
  2. Security: Many Raleigh homeowners have nice things in their yards like furniture, grills and more. A fence increases security and prevents theft in the backyard. 
  3. Establishing Boundaries: There have been a lot of property line issues in Wake County lately. Therefore, many homeowners are using fences to establish and display their property line. 
  4. Pools: There are a lot more homeowners in Raleigh adding pools to their yards. When there is a pool, the yard must be protected from kids and other individuals who could harm themselves in the pool. This is a requirement of almost every homeowner’s insurance. 

There are many more reasons that individuals desire the addition of a fence for their home. If you are ready, our team at Sierra Structures would love to provide a custom quote. Use our fence calculator today to get an idea of your estimate. 


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