Types of Decks That Homeowners Should Consider For Their Homes

Posted January 25, 2021 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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We can talk forever about how awesome decks are and the difference it can make in homes in the Triangle, but let’s talk about the different types of decks available. Beyond stains and materials, there are other things to consider when we design decks.

Here are some types of decks that homeowners should consider when adding one to their home:

  1. Standard: Most people opt for a standard deck, which is connected to the house, with steps leading down to the ground. It’s a great way to add livable space to a yard.
  2. Wrap-around: Just the words “wrap-around” make people think of lazy afternoons in the South, sipping on some sweet tea. What we love about wrap-around decks and porches is that they take advantage of side yards, which are typically underused. Little quiet areas of living space that might otherwise be neglected become cozy escapes with a wrap-around design.
  3. Multi-level: Having multiple levels in a deck can ease the transition to homes that have a big ‘drop’ from the entrance to the ground level. Instead of having steep stairs, adding a level or two will define different outdoor living spaces and add character to the home. Even if there are no significant elevation changes, a step or two between deck levels can completely transform a backyard.
  4. Open: If the geography of the home site allows, we love a good open deck. This simply means a deck with no railings. It allows for a very open and unobstructed area that nonetheless adds architectural interest. However, most municipalities will require railings if the deck is a certain height.

Any deck is a great deck, but thinking outside the ‘box’ of a typical deck can take that transformation up a few notches and improve the way a yard is used.  Contact Sierra Structures to see what kind of deck works best for your home.

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