What furniture/decor should you put on your deck for colder seasons

Posted November 28, 2023 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

What furniture/decor should you put on your deck for colder seasons


For many people, the winter season is not a time filled with snow and brutally cold weather. Rather, it is a time where all can gather together and celebrate the holiday season with festive filled gatherings and events. One way to spread some cheer during this season is to spend time with family members and friends on your outdoor deck. In order to make your deck look inviting and friendly to all who gather is to spruce it up with some new winter inspired decor.


After all, the deck or patio that makes your home's entryway is how your guests will make their first impressions. Another way to spruce up your deck or patio during this winter season is to have it updated. With the assistance of Sierra Structures, we can make your deck give off that wow factor to all who see it this holiday season. In this blog, we will discuss decor and improvements that can be made to your deck for this season to come.


Tips on what furniture/decor can be used for your deck during the winter season:


  • Patio furniture pillows: Tiny decor items such as pillows and throws are small ways that a deck can be transformed into something uplifting and moody. A festive pillow placed on a bench, chair, or other seating can make your deck feel finished as well as make guests feel as if they are at home. However, it is important to not go overboard as this can be overwhelming. 
  • Holiday signs: Nothing can bring out some holiday joy quite like decorative holiday signs. When it comes to decorating your deck with signs, it is important to take note that less is more. Old metal vintage signs can bring nostalgia as well as give your home a warm welcoming appeal. 
  • Winter accessories: At times, a space can feel really special when one adds small accessories to spruce it up. Accessories that can be placed on your deck during the winter season consist of: ornaments, led lights, decorative pine cones, mistletoe, etc. If you choose to not add accessories, try dressing up window seals, and small tables.
  • Pine wreath or garland: A common sight during the winter season is garland and decorative wreaths. This classic decoration is another thing that one can use in order to spruce up their deck. Decorative garland can be hung from deck wailing while wreaths can be added to doors.
  • An Update: If your deck is old or is showing signs of age, then it may be a good idea to get it updated. The team at Sierra Structures can transform your deck into something that fits your home's style as well as customize it to your own personal likings. 

For many, the winter season is not about the cold weather. Rather, it is about gathering with loved ones and spending quality time with those around. One way to enjoy this winter season is by spending time out on your deck. If your deck is not holding up to its standards, then it may be time to consider and update. At Sierra Structures, we can bring your deck visions to light within a blink of an eye. We can customize your deck to your personal likings as well as ensure that it fits the style of your home.

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