When Should You Replace a Wooden Fence?

Posted February 4, 2022 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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At Sierra Structures, we love the look of a great wooden fence—especially one we installed. Cared-for fences can last around 15 to 20 years. For most wooden fences though, the average lifespan is around the 10-year mark. But, how will you know when it’s time to replace a fence? Well, we’re here to let you know what indications to look for:

1. Multiple rotting boards. We’re not talking about just one or two rotting boards here. If you are noticing rotting on several boards—especially in the area closest to the ground, this is a sign. Rot can accelerate in those areas because that’s where the boards are susceptible to the most moisture.

2. Split and missing boards. Just like with rotten boards, one or two split or missing boards can be replaced. However, when the numbers start to pile up, it’s likely time. The elements are typically to blame in this case, as different seasons bring different conditions—from heat and sun to rain to ice and snow. After years, that will take a toll on any wooden fence.

3. Mold and mildew overtaking the wood. Poorly weather treated boards will show mold and mildew. When treating the wood is not an option and pressure washing will only cause more harm than good, it’s time to replace it.

4. Leaning fences. This is another condition that weather can be the leading cause. Wind, rain, and erosion all are reasons for a fence to start leaning. It might be repairable at first, but eventually, long stretches of leaning indicate it’s time to replace it.

5. Missing and faulty fasteners. Over time, screws, nails, and bolts may loosen or fall out. Other fasteners such as brackets may rust or begin to fail. While these can often be repaired or replaced, at some point the cost of repairing all of these compared to the age of the fence might mean it is more efficient to replace it entirely.

If your wooden fence is need of repairs or even a replacement, contact us at Sierra Structures. We will provide you with not only an accurate estimate but the best quality in service and workmanship.

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