Wood Fencing: Myths and Misconceptions

Posted December 3, 2021 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Wood fences often get a bad rap. There are several different misconceptions that people have regarding the quality, appearance, long-term viability, etc., regarding wood fencing. At Sierra Structures, we specialize in building customized, high-quality wood fences, so this blog is designed to address some of those common myths and provide you with the facts:

1. Wood is not versatile. This is simply not the case. Fencing designs can vary considerably. This includes beautiful details and elaborate carpentry. The appeal of the design is only limited by someone’s imagination.

2. Wood is too hard to maintain. While annual maintenance is necessary, it’s not too hard for the average homeowner. A simple stain and seal is all that it takes to keep your fence lasting a long time.

3. Surface cracks on my posts mean the wood is compromised. This is not true. All posts will eventually shows cracks on the outside surface. It’s natural and not something to worry about. It is caused by the natural aging and drying of the wood. The surface cracks are not structural in nature.

4. Wood fences have a short life expectancy. That depends on what you define as a short life-span. A wood fence usually lasts around 15 years. However, with the proper annual maintenance like we mentioned earlier, you can expect to extend the life of your fence to 20 years or longer.

5. All wood is the same. That’s not the case. Redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated pine last the longest and are the recommended woods to use for all fencing.

6. Wood fences attract termites. There are many easy ways to prevent termites. You could opt for cedar because it naturally repels those bugs. You can also treat your fence with an insecticide once a year. Fortunately, the Triangle is not in the Southern Termite Zone, so doing these steps along with keeping grass and weeds trimmed around your fence goes a long way. For more questions about wood fencing, and to get a quote, contact us at Sierra Structures. We are your hometown fencing company. We look forward to hearing from you.

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