Wooden Fences: Repair or Replace?

Posted August 27, 2021 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Over time, it is easy for wood fences to deteriorate if it is not taken care of properly. This makes frequent maintenance a priority for these fence owners. One’s first instinct when dealing with a wooden fence is usually to replace it when finding problems, but sometimes that isn’t the right plan of action. If the integrity of the wood is still intact, many times the fence can be repaired, likely at a lower cost than replacement. At Sierra Structures, we are here to assist you from fence installations to fence repairs.

Here are four signs that your fence should be repaired or replaced:

  1. Termites: If there are termites or other insects inside of the wood on the fence, it should be replaced. Unfortunately, when bugs have made their way into the wood, the integrity of it goes away, and you are better off replacing it rather than trying to repair it. Attempting to repair these fences can be become expensive quickly.
  2. Cracks: If there are cracks in the wood, depending on the severity of them, they can easily be repaired. With the right wood glue and proper sanding, the fence will be good as new.
  3. Splintering: Over time, wood can begin to splinter and chip away. This is a sign for a repair. You can take a sander and smooth the wood down to showcase that smooth surface once again.
  4. Rot: When checking an old fence for repairs or replacement, looking for rot is important. If the wood is rotting, the fence will likely need to be replaced due to unwanted moisture.

Overall, the signs for replacing or repairing a fence tend to be simple. When in doubt, if the integrity and structure of the wood is still in place then there is likely a chance it can be repaired but if not, it will probably need to be replaced. For more fence repair assistance, contact us today.

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