Pittsboro High Security Fence


A Pittsboro high security fence is the right choice for business owners or government agencies that are looking to protect their investments.

At Sierra Structures, we know that creating a custom plan for your facility can limit your loss and improve the safety of your commercial building. We are the go-to Pittsboro security fencing company because of our diverse array of expertise and knowledge when it comes to security fencing. We can help you choose the right high security fence in Pittsboro NC. With decades of experience under our belts, our team is ready to shine at your corporate or other business facility.

Differences in a Pittsboro high security fence

Solid fences are lovely for privacy, but they offer some disadvantages for business owners. Namely, those fences provide ideal hiding places for burglars or vandals. Materials provided by your Pittsboro security fencing company need to be strong and easy to see through — think chain-link fencing or wrought iron.

  • Chain-link is a great option because of its ease of installation, versatility and available coating options. Sierra Structures can apply powder coating and other effects to make your chain-link fence more attractive.
  • Wrought iron is another tough, durable fencing option that offers more aesthetic appeal, while still providing the safety and security that you need.

Sierra Structures can help you create a custom approach for your Pittsboro high security fence. We have provided fence installation at sensitive government sites, protected high-energy utility boxes for corporate clients and even installed interior caging and fencing at manufacturing facilities. No matter your reason for seeking a security fencing option, Sierra Structures is here to assist. A long list of satisfied customers along the entire East Coast simply cannot be wrong! Contact us today to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation estimate, and get the peace of mind you deserve.