Pittsboro Wood Fence Builder


Sierra Structures wants to go to work as your choice Pittsboro wood fence builder, and we’re confident that we can help you develop, and install, a fencing solution that you will be thrilled with.

Our Pittsboro wood fence installation is administered by trained, experienced professionals, who have this process down to a science. We are able to deliver outstanding precision and unmatched quality that has left our clients happy since we opened for business back in 1991.

In fact, our wood fence contractors in Pittsboro NC are a huge reason for our success over the last few decades. When you work with Sierra Structures as your choice in wood fence builder in Pittsboro NC, you can expect to work with professionals that are:

  • Skilled and experienced: There is no substitution for experience, and our team combines for decades of it. We have tackled thousands of fencing jobs over the years, including wood fence installation in Pittsboro NC. Our skill and knowledge show through in each completed fence.
  • Comprehensive: You need to work with a Pittsboro wood fence builder that covers all phases of the project — not just one that rolls into your property to build the fence and then leaves. We’re meticulous about this project, from gaining approval through your HOA with detailed drawings and plans to staining and coating the finished fence for added protection.
  • Helpful: As a long-time provider of Pittsboro wood fence installation, we know that one of the draws to wooden fences are the fact that they can come in all different styles. Our team will work closely with you, learning about your needs and preferences and helping you select a wooden fence option that aligns with both.

We’ve proudly served as leading Pittsboro wood fence contractors for well over 20 years and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Please feel free to talk to us about your fencing needs and we’ll show you why we’re your logical choice for a Pittsboro wood fence builder.