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Raleigh Temporary Fencing


Sierra Structures provides Raleigh temporary fencing for construction sites, crowd control events, as well as public works fencing panels. Our professionals have worked throughout the state to bring safety barriers to meet safety requirements, protecting people and vehicles from dangers due to a range of threats and emergencies. 

When crowds of people come together, you can bet something great is happening.  Music festivals, parades, marches and carnivals provide opportunities for endless fun and interaction. Our Raleigh temporary fence panels keep the fun while providing security in the crowd. 

Do you need to screen bags for a march? Perhaps you would like to keep crowds away from generators and electronics. If you are hosting a political or issue event, you want to protect both the crowd and the speakers on the stage. Sierra Structures has a wide range of secure Raleigh temporary fencing. We will help you keep your crowds safe without them even noticing.

Iron-clad protection from dangerous equipment

More serious dangers are posed by large construction equipment, tools and unfinished building projects. Accidents happen to even the most experienced hard hat workers.  You need top notch temporary fencing in Raleigh NC to protect the public from areas of falling debris, dropped tools and other dangers from above. 

Kids and teens are naturally curious about building developments. They are sometimes looking for a place to create their own fort, hidden from parents and the public. Adult criminals may scope out potential valuables left by employees such as tools and construction materials. Our Raleigh temporary fence panels act as a deterrent to these behaviors.

Also, we love our swimming pools in the south and Raleigh is no exception. If you are building a pool for your home, association or park district, let Sierra Structures put you in compliance with safety requirements by erecting a secure temporary fence.

Our temporary fencing solutions will assure that you avoid tragic accidents during your event or construction project. Sierra Structures and our Raleigh temporary fencing saves lives and protects property.