Raleigh Wood And Wire Fence Installation


Sierra Structures has just the solution for our customers who have ranches, farms and country estates — it’s our Raleigh wood and wire fence capabilities. This is easily the most affordable way to provide an enclosure for larger acreage. 

With a clean and functional design, our wood and wire fence in Raleigh NC provides you with the ability to pen animals as well as performing as a potential wind break.


Explore the benefits of our wood and wire fences

Our team of experts has the equipment and materials needed for your Raleigh wire fence installation. Enclosing acres of ranch land can be time consuming, back breaking labor. Sierra Structures will send a crew that will perform your wire fence installation in Raleigh NC promptly. 

We begin work on the agreed upon start date and complete the project in the time we've estimated for you. Our Raleigh wire fence contractors understand the job isn't finished until all waste, extra materials and tools are cleaned up and you sign off on our work.

While a Raleigh wood and wire fence is an economical fencing solution, there are some real positives to consider when making the choice. 

  • Owners of animal herds may consider the difference between the wood and wire fence versus the barbed wire fence.
  • Our treated wood is resistant to rot therefore increasing the life span of your fence.
  • Any of our wire fence contractors in Raleigh NC can tell you fence maintenance can prove to be an on-going process. Sierra Structures uses materials and installation techniques that will cut down the time you spend checking and repairing your fence lines. 
  • If you choose to electrify your fence, as is done with some barbed wire fencing, this is still easily achievable with our Raleigh wire fence installation. Our experts can help you gauge your wire depending on what you want to keep in — or out — of your property.


When you find yourself in need of fencing for large acreage, or for farm animal pens, let our Raleigh wood and wire fence team professionally install your enclosure. Browse our website and see about your free estimate.