Raleigh Wood Picket Privacy Fence


Sierra Structures is your home for Raleigh wood fence installation to add beauty and privacy to your outdoor spaces. Our Raleigh picket fence contractors provide expert wood fence installation in Raleigh NC. 

You can choose from multiple designs and heights that allow varying degrees of privacy — from the traditionally spaced picket fence to a tall, solid Raleigh wood privacy fence. 

There are a number of variables to consider when choosing the level of privacy for your Raleigh wood fence installation. Our Raleigh picket fence contractors may ask you to think about the age of your children, the perceived value of outdoor furniture, number and size of dogs in the yard and even whether or not your property is located on a corner.

If you wonder why these questions may be a factor in your decision making process, let our picket fence contractors in Raleigh NC walk you through the reasons all these factors should play a part in your final fencing design.

  • Fencing has always been a way to outline the perimeter of a yard, keeping uninvited guests and potential trespassers from entering your property.
  • For some families, it is just as important to keep young family members and pets inside the property line while reducing the ability of outsiders to see your children or upset your dogs. 
  • The value of a wood privacy fence in Raleigh NC increases if you live on a corner or are in proximity to a busy thoroughfare. For most homeowners, higher traffic areas increase the desire for their own private space.

Privacy fencing has been a proven way to thwart criminals who may be interested in stealing from outdoor structures and play areas. Think of your fence as your first layer of security. 

You can be creative in the ways you enhance your home security along with your fence.  Install motion detection lights around the fenced area or attach your home security system to the fence gate. Make our Raleigh wood fence installation service the first step in securing your property and family.