Wake Forest Deck Decking Construction


It does not matter what deck design you require, Sierra Structures has handled almost any Wake Forest deck construction job you can think of.  Most Wake Forest deck installation jobs involve mid-level, ground-level and high-level deck plans.

We have several designs of decks for each level and you can use them as a source of inspiration for the custom deck we will build for you. Sierra Structures offers competitively priced deck plans, which makes us the only Wake Forest decking company willing to provide quality decks at a good price.

What you need to know about Wake Forest deck installation

Before deck construction in Wake Forest NC begins, it has to be approved by your local homeowner’s association. Fortunately, our Wake Forest deck construction contractors will help you through the submission and approval process for your deck.

That includes providing photos, drawings and other important documentation to get your deck approved. Apart from permits, some other things you need to consider before deck installation in Wake Forest NC include:

  • Deck materials: You have several options like composites, redwood and cedar and so on. Each material you choose depends on your budget.
  • Location: This involves picking the spot you want your deck installed. You could decide to have your deck attached to your back door, have it freestanding and so on.
  • Budget: Have a budget in place for your deck construction. It is this budget that will determine whether you can add built-in benches and planters or other features. For instance, it could help you decided whether your deck will have a grand entrance or just simple stairs.

We will also help you build custom deck railings that fit your requirements for your project. You can look through our photo gallery for deck railing options and pick the one that inspires you.

Most clients appreciate our decking company in Wake Forest NC because our prices are fixed, so you won’t have unexpected charges at the end of the job. Our Wake Forest deck construction contractors are licensed and have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Contact us today at (919) 471-3500 for your fast, free estimate.