How to Decorate around a fence (and protect your fence)

Posted January 10, 2023 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Many of our customers at Sierra Structures have us install privacy fences to protect their homes. At the same time, they feel a need to decorate the fence to upgrade its aesthetics. We understand that, so we wanted to share some tips on how to decorate around a fence while protecting it at the same time.

The reason why we stress protecting it is because wooden fences are sometimes vulnerable to certain elements that can decrease its lifespan such as mold, mildew, rot, etc. So, the decorations that customers add around a fence should not be ones that increase the likelihood of those things happening.

4 easy ways to decorate your Durham privacy fence are:

  1. Climbing Plants: Many people love climbing plants such as honeysuckle. These flower from early summer to the fall, and they are easy to grow. If you grow them around a fence, be diligent about cutting them back in early fall and again in the winter. The same works with other plants. It is vital for the fence’s longevity that you trim them back to prevent any damage to the wood.
  2. String Lights: Other decorative ideas include string lighting. The best option to use are LED lights not only because of the brightness, but the fact that they don’t emit heat. If you attach them to a fence, we recommend use suction cup hooks versus nail/screw to protect the fence’s surface. Self-adhesive plastic hooks that are easily removable also work.
  3. Paint: Painting is another easy to do project that increases the appeal and protects the fence at the same time. You can be creative by painting a mural or other design instead of one singular color.
  4. Planters: Installing planters around a fence (but not connected to it) will also increase the appeal without damaging the fence at the same time.

In the end, the list of ways to decorate a fence is only limited by your creativity. Before you install something, do a little research to see how much it can affect the fence itself. To get your next privacy fence installed, contact us at Sierra Structures today!

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