Pros and Cons of Adding A Gate To the Front of Your Home

Posted April 26, 2022 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

Many homeowners struggle with deciding on whether or not to gate their home. There are definitely some common pros and cons to consider.

However it’s a question we frequently get asked at Sierra Structures. Should you put a gate at the front of your home? If you’re contemplating that question, you probably are weighing the pros and cons. Here’s our list.

Let’s begin with the pros:

Privacy. A residential gate can ensure the privacy of your entire property. This includes making sure children playing in your front yard are not seen by strangers outside.

Safety. Speaking of your children, if they are young, the gate will keep them from playing close to the road and keep others away from them. It can also protect your pets while keeping potential threats out.

Security. I’m sure you see a theme here. Gates generally tell potential thieves that you take security seriously, and they are more likely to avoid homes that look secured. The gates also allows you to control who comes and goes on your property.

Lowered insurance premiums. When you combine the factors listed above, this will reduce liability claims and property damage. The more your home is secured, the less it generally costs to insure.

So, what about the cons? These are what we have:

A gate can make it harder for police, fire, and EMS to arrive at your home. If a fire breaks out, and you’re not home, or if an ambulance has to arrive, and the gate is blocking their access, they may have no choice but to break through it to get on your property.

It must be maintained. Automated gates require maintenance to make sure they are always functioning properly. Unlike a fence that may be some basic repairs and upkeep, a gate requires more. Repairs and maintenance costs can be expensive for some gates.

Automated gates depend on electricity. If you need to open your gate to enter or leave your property, and the electricity is out, you may not be able to easily do so.

For more tips, or to get a free quote on adding a gate to your property, contact us a Sierra Structures.

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