Choosing a Fence Type for a Commercial Property

Posted July 19, 2021 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Choosing a fence type typically isn’t one of those questions that many business owners sit around and think much about. We understand that. That’s why, at Sierra Structures, we’d love to give our insights on the topic, and fence types are a favorite subject. When it comes to choosing a fence type for a commercial property, we have a few questions that need answering first. These include:

  1. What’s the purpose of the fence?
  2. Where will the fence be located?
  3. Which matters more—appearance or functionality?
  4. What is the budget?

All of those answers factor into choosing a fence type. For instance, if the purpose and location of a fence is for a secured storage area like inside a warehouse, a chain-link fence from the floor to the ceiling is the best choice.

On the other hand, if a business is looking for an aesthetically pleasing outdoor fence in front of an office space, then an ornamental wrought iron fence is the better choice. Just keep that budget in mind because wrought iron will require more maintenance. If you want something with lower maintenance requirements, perhaps the fence could be made from vinyl or aluminum.

Building codes also play a factor in commercial fencing choices. Compared to residential or farming fences, most industrial and commercial districts require specific fence types with specific materials. One advantage to working with Sierra Structures is that, as a local company in the Triangle, you can rely on us to know all the local codes and ensure you are in compliance.

Lastly, don’t forget the gate. If the location of the fence is in a high customer-traffic area that requires a gate, then plan on having your gate match the fence as much as possible. Just like the fence, when it’s viewed by the general public, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and secure at the same time.

If you’re a business owner looking for the right fence for your commercial property, contact us at Sierra Structures. We will gladly go over options, give you the best advice, and most of all, the best service in the Triangle.

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