Temporary Fencing - What is It?

Posted July 29, 2021 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Chances are, you have seen temporary fencing at public or private events when there is a need to regulate pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Perhaps it was at a parade, festival, wedding, golf tournament, or other event where temporary security was needed. Or, more than likely, it was at a new building site to protect outsiders from the hazards of the construction ongoing inside the fenced-off area.

Either way, temporary fencing is just that—temporary. At Sierra Structures, we can provide you with temporary fencing for any occasion. Most temporary fencing falls under two categories—barricades and chain link temporary fences.

Barricades are typically used for crowd and traffic control at events. They are easy to set up and break down because of how they easily link together. They are also easy to position in manners that assist in guiding pedestrians through a certain area. On job sites, barricades may also be used as mobile partitioning within buildings, workshops, warehousing, etc.

Chain link fences are set up either by placing posts in the ground or into portable stands that are anchored down with weights such as sandbags. The chain link fences can feature options such as barbwire or privacy windscreens. The windscreens prevent dirt and debris from escaping a job site, and they provide privacy by keeping outsiders from viewing through the fence. Businesses can brand the windscreens with advertising and promotions. In addition, the screens provide an extra level of security by concealing what equipment is staged inside the fence.

At Sierra Structures, our temporary fences have several options for fabric finishes—galvanized, vinyl coated, and PVC coated. For more information on our temporary fencing options, click here. To get a free estimate for your company’s needs, contact us at Sierra Structures today.

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