3 Wooden Accents for Gardens

Posted July 10, 2020 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

Tags: Pergolas & Arbors

Beautiful homes have green lawns, designated garden beds, and decorative planters. They may have low-maintenance, drought-resistant modern gardens or lush flower beds. Many homeowners have also added wooden garden accents to level up their green thumb game. Sierra Structures has constructed many of these accents for residential and commercial properties all around Raleigh.

3 wooden accents for gardens:

  • Spacious, matching planters: Adding wooden planter boxes is great for flowers, herbs, and greenery. They can be constructed on back decks or near concrete slabs to add to a property’s design. Also, many homeowners here in North Carolina are creating their own vegetable, melon, or berry gardens. For homeowners who want a head start, Sierra Structure constructs the planters and also stains the wood to match.
  • Entry-worthy arbors: Having an arbor-gate combination is a great way to add pizzazz to a backyard entryway or commercial park area. There are a variety of styles available to property owners to match stain and fence styles. They can range from traditional to modern. Also, this garden feature can be built to fence height requirements of HOAs and to the requirements of commercial properties.
  • Statement pergolas: Pergolas are a great design element that make a bold statement by creating a different sight line. They are perfect for property owners that do not want full sunlight, but rather want to have a designated seating area. Also, many homeowners add vines that grow up and around their pergola to add an Italian wine country look. Imagine sitting underneath one and enjoying a nice day with family and friends.

These wooden garden accents are perfect for homeowners and property owners who want to create a flower bed or seating area. Sierra Structures has expertly built these structures for many residences and commercial properties throughout the Triangle. For a free estimate, contact our professionals today.

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