Sierra Structures—Fall Fence Maintenance Tips

Posted September 19, 2022 to Before You Buy: Tips, Advice, Checklists.

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Can you believe it’s fall already? Believe it or not, that time of year has come back around. This season is always a great time to do maintenance around the house when the temperatures are mild. If you have a fence, at Sierra Structures, we have some tips on do-it-yourself maintenance you can do. 

The first tip is the easiest and most commonsense one. That is to give your fence a good old-fashioned cleaning. Clear away any left-over pollen, mildew, grass stains, or other dirt. Make sure there are no branches, leaves, vegetation, etc. growing on or above it. 

The next step is to repaint or re-stain it if necessary. If the paint is fading or the stain is dull, touch it up. Not only will it make the fence look better, but it will help protect it from the winter weather to come. Apply a sealant, if possible, just be sure to do it on a day with hotter temps and lots of sun. 

If your fence is metal and has rust, scrape it away as much as possible. Use sandpaper and a wire brush, and repaint if needed. 

Check your posts and inspect all connections and fasteners. As the weather gets colder, posts tend to contract which can cause them to loosen in the soil. Check all of the boards to make sure they are fastened properly and do not wobble or crack. 

Don’t forget your gates. Open and close each one and see how they are functioning. Do they creak, do they latch properly, and are they not dragging on the ground? Check and repair any issues with your gates because they often start failing before the rest of the fence does. 

For more tips, or for information on having a fence installed, contact us at Sierra Structures today! 

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